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As the Covid-19 pandemic developed over the last 2 years, my business slowed to nearly nothing (Less than 20% of my usual income). In truth, the hardest part of a slow year is not being able to be busy creatively. I could have just waited, constantly staring at my email or my phone during the day or at the ceiling at night in the hope things would come back.

With so much time available, I started to work on a documentary called 44 Yards, about the Michigan Wolverines football team and their 2002 season. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have spent hundreds of hours in the making of the movie, collecting over twenty testimonies as well as numerous visual and audio archives from that period.

44 Yards is ambitious and can not be finished without help! So many details need to happen in order to produce a movie that is true to Michigan. If you want to support the project, you can buy one of my fine arts prints.

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Important: The prints are not signed. I don’t conceive my photos with a watermark or a signature. In my artistic point of view this would be distracting from the image. However every Large Fine Art Print (Bigger than 10x8) comes with a signed certificate of authenticity (It comes in separate package).

Feel free to send me an email, If you are looking for a different photo to be printed at photos@marc-gregor.com

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