Artiste statement:
Following your story, your theme, your ideas, and your wishes we will work together to capture your instants.

My name is Marc-Grégor Campredon, I am a French photographer living in the area of Ann Arbor, Michigan. My artistic approach is to focus on the realism.

Time spent does not matter; the idea is to catch the most natural and powerful picture, by the light, the color, the frame, and -of course- the subject. 

I studied Arts at the University of Paris-Est, France, developing my technique around the idea of catching live emotion, live story and live reality through my camera. 

I traveled all around the world as a humanitarian photographer capturing the beauty, dignity and stories of people and cultures. 
As a part of my engagement with the community a portion of all profits will be used to support non profits who maintain equity and dignity all over the world. 



When studying Design and History of Art in High school, I was requested to sit in Parisian cafés, to observe and draw the life and the people surrounding me.


I discovered photography through the work of Cartier-Bresson or Doisneau often displayed on the café walls.


Photography became a part of my art as I used it to prepare and explore new concepts.


Studying film, I learned the art of telling stories through images.

I kept growing my love of photography as I learned to frame and light the world. I soon discovered the work of humanitarian documentary like Peter Watkins, Raymond Depardon, Yann Arthus Bertrand and Radovan Tadic...


After graduating in 2010 in Digital Art and working for Mohamed Ulad and Jonathan Broda, I decided to pursue a full time photography career, developing my techniques with the goal of revealing the beauty and dignity of peoples and cultures.


Inspired by Depardon and Bertrand, I spent the next few years in

Africa capturing the social story of the Kilimanjaro Porters.


Working with me will expose you to my French accent, my sense of humor, my love for US movies from the 80's and my somewhat scientific theories that usually involve Dinosaurs:

-"Great Scot!"
- "For cake and crepes, I always use unbleached Flower!"
- "Seriously, your Football should be called Hand-Egg".
- ".....'Merica Land of Possible".
- "You want it Fancy? Call the Frenchy".
- "Plastic is made from oil, oil is made from Dinosaur bones, so Plastic Dinosaurs are real".
- "Dinosaurs were designed to disappear, no way they could ever eat chocolate with tiny arms!".
- "French came from the tribe of Franc...  That explains why you might find me too frank".

- "I never drink Bear"
- "I shaved my Beer once"
- "I photographed a Grizzly Beard at the Detroit Zoo!"

- "Al Kaline was a very electric baseball player".
- 'Heroes get remembered but legends never die".

Marc-Grégor Campredon
Photographer & Adventurer based in Ann Arbor Michigan USA.

Left picture copyright David Hong  - Right picture copyright Aurelien Van Welden.

Marc-Gregor Campredon