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Enjoy a series of events in Michigan for photographers of all skill levels led by Detroit Street Photographer, Andy Shields (, and Ann Arbor's Favorite Frenchy, MG (

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"To photograph makes a photographer's photographs" #Lenstherapy

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" When I decided to go further with photography in a professional way, I needed some advice from experienced colleagues, as a starting point. MG gave me those necessary tips, both for techniques and marketing. As I live and work in Germany, the possibility to do it online was a big point."

Pierre-Jerone Adjedj -

" Marc-Grégor taught me how to compose more thoughtful images and better capture them on (digital) film. We have lots of fun together, and I'm always learning new insights, techniques and even neat historical facts from him! "

David Hong

" I am amateur and enthusiast who enjoys dabbling in the world of photography. Marc-Grégor has encouraged me in many ways on how to become a better photographer. His friendly critique of my own photos has taught me a great deal about how to see and create better compositions. He also has given me invaluable technical insights for different types of photos, in particular he has opened “the world” of high speed bird photography for me. I highly recommend him as a teacher!"

Nico Angleys -

Marc-Gregor Campredon