Our engagement, your expectation

How can I contact you for our wedding?
Simply use our contact form "click". Let us know if you already have the date and the location. Marc-Gregor will personally reply!
We trully recommend meeting with us to  go over your event in person if possible.

When should I book you?
Sooner is better, but last minute works (sometimes!). A wedding is a very intense work. So we only do two weddings per month. It might be surprising but we value quality over quantity.
Also with my wife, we love riding bicycles, camping, geocaching and hiking, We love spending time with our families and friends. Michigan is a great place for it!

What if we are not getting married in Washtenaw County, Michigan?
It is not a problem. We often travel for photography everywhere in USA from Michigan to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, or Washington. We have recently being working in Thailand, Tanzania, Guatemala, Norway and France, as well.

How long will you be at our wedding?
Depending on the options you select, but we will be with you for each event. Time does not matter – Never!

How many pictures will I get?

At Marc-Grégor Photography, we value quality over quantity - again!
We deliver an average of 400 pictures. Each picture will be individually edited.
Some will be good memories; some others will be great artistic choices.

When will I get my pictures?
We deliver our pictures within 30 days after the wedding. Of course, we do our best to reduce your wait time; if you have a specific deadline, we will do our best to adapt.
How do you deliver the pictures?
We will send you a flash drive in a personalized package. We can also provide you an online gallery.
Depending on the technology, we may change from time to time for more efficient storage.

What kinds of pictures will I receive?
You will receive your pictures in two versions: A High Definition JPEG ready to print, and an optimized compressed JPEG ready to share by email or on social media. We will keep a copy of your pictures forever, so if you lose them...

Do you do prints and albums?
We believe that photography should always be printed - We can arrange a photo album for you and we are happy to help you with your printing! 

We have selected the best printers in USA, who provide great Paper, Glass, Metal, Wood or Canvas prints. We have negotiated for you the best rates. However, you can print your pictures on your own with any vendors of your choice. We will simply not guarantee the quality.

Will you publish my pictures?
We value privacy, we will not publish any of your pictures without permission. If we ask you will be completetly free to refuse. It might be counter intuitive but we believe respecting the privacy is more important than reaching potential new clients. Photographers post pictures on blogs and social media in order to gain popularity and new business. 


Are you a legal business?
Marc-Grégor Photography is fully registered in the State of Michigan and covered by an Ann Arbor (MI) based insurance company: Farm Bureau.

What happens if MG is sick or injured the day of our wedding?
At Marc-Grégor Photography, we work with other photographers. MG personally trains them monthly.

What happens if the gear fails the day of our wedding?
We own several camera parts: bodies, lenses, batteries and cards. We've got it all covered!


More question? Just ask!

Marc-Gregor Campredon

Marc-Gregor Campredon