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Ciprian Lupan Photographer

Paris is my city. It is where I spent all my childhood. Each corner of the city resonates in me, through memories and feelings.


When it comes to photographing Paris, I am always very picky and demanding. Recently, I have been introduced to the work of Ciprian and Razvan, the two brothers behind the Studio Emotion Paris Photographer. I have been positively stunned by their own way of photographing the city of Love.


Framing the emotion and capturing a memory is the essence of Art. You need more than gear and talent. As brothers, they share a beautiful invisible connection that generates a unique feeling in each photo.


With great quality, they create photos full of life and love, catching the highlights of a relationship through specific details: Emotions, feelings, looks, smiles, lights and so on. It is amazing.

Ciprian Lupan Photographer Paris

For an engagement or a wedding photographer in Paris, I would definitely trust Emotion Paris Photographer to provide high quality art work. I will enjoy seeing your memories captured by these two guys.


Outside of the quality of their work, I simply love their philosophy: Preserving feeling and emotion by creating photos that speak on their own. The photo must bring back the memory and the load of emotion - Faultless.


I am proud to know those two photographer brothers. It is a great pleasure to share respect for the quality and professionalism of such an amazing pair of photographers!


To see more of their work, I invite you to visit their portfolio:


Marc-Gregor Campredon